Mechatronics Capstone Project

The PillSafe is an Automated Pill Dispensing System.
This is an academic project being pursued by a team of final-year McMaster University engineering students looking to make an impact.

The Project

One Goal: To Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly

Solving A Problem

Age with dignity - a concept that our team strives to achieve. The most common problems that the elderly population faces today involves medication. At PillSafe, we don't believe a medication schedule should be difficult. We're on a mission to build a solution that safely stores a patient's pills and helps ensure the correct dosage is taken - all at an affordable price level.

The Right Skillset

Additionally, the Mechatronics Engineering program at McMaster University equips our team with all the necessary skills to see this project through. With a diverse background, our team's combined skillset allows us to tackle any problems that come our way.


Above all else, the PillSafe system will be safe. Whether it's physical security or overdose prevention, the patient's health has been our first priority since day one.


The PillSafe system is designed to be portable, battery-powered, and convenient. It would have no problem sitting inside the patient's always-accessible purse or bag.


In hopes of being a widely adoptable solution, the PillSafe system will be cheap. Our team works tirelessly to source parts which ensure that the price will not skyrocket.


Automation is a cornerstone of the PillSafe system. We believe that it should always be counted on to deliver its payload at the correct times - no exceptions.



About Us

Get to know us better - we don't bite!

Our team has extraordinary talents


We've got the brains - and not just academically. Our intuition helps us overcome obstacles and catch mistakes before they happen.


From drafting the initial design to building the final prototype, our team has it covered. A diverse skillset allows our team to tackle every aspect of the project.


Our ideas are crazy, but so is our passion. This project is chock-full of unique solutions to encountered problems.

Our team

Richard Morochove

Mechatronics Engineering & Management

Software Development
Business Development

Andy Woo

Mechatronics Engineering & Management

Software Development
Product Strategy

Miguel Vesco

Mechatronics Engineering

PCB Design
Embedded Systems

Mitchell Louie

Mechatronics Engineering & Management

Mechanical Design
Business Development

Samin Khan

Mechatronics Engineering

Software Development
Embedded Systems

Patrick Burjaw

Mechatronics Engineering & Management

CAD Modelling
Product Strategy

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